Do you Repair Televisions? Yes, Repairing Television has been our core business since 1970.

What are your hours? Our office hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday; Closed Saturday and Sunday, Service Calls  8:00am to 5:00pm  (Saturday by Special Appointments)

Will I get an estimate before my set is repaired? If your unit is not covered by a manufacturers warranty or extended service contract we will call you with your estimate once we have an diagnosis the problem with  your unit.  

Is there a charge for an estimate?  We do charge a non-refundable service fee based upon your model and the size of your set.  This fee is payable in advance and goes towards the cost of the repair if you approve the estimate.  If you decline an estimate the service fee paid will not be refunded.  This fee covers the cost incurred in checking your unit.

Are your technicians certified? Our technical staff has decades of experience.  We employ several Certified Electronics Technicians (CET) and our technicians attend several factory training classes a year, along with frequent company/in-house training.

How long will my repair take?  Assuming it is not an in-home repair issue, our target turn-a-round time (TAT) is7-10 business days.  Please keep in mind that high call volume and delays can and will occur at times, especially during lightning season. Delays beyond our control, such as part backorders can also lengthen the TAT.  Depending on the diagnosis, model and other factors, the technician may require that your set be monitored for a few extra days.  Remember, it is our goal to repair and get your set back to you as soon as possible.

Will my set have to come in Regarding in-home service, we prefer to service all units in the home.  A very large percentage of our calls are completed in the home; however, due to the complexity of today's models, in-home service is, at times, not feasible with certain brands.  Some units require extensive component level troubleshooting and this can be very time consuming and specialized service instruments may be needed. Intermittent symptoms can also require that the unit be serviced at our center.   

Why are my parts taken so long to come in?  If we have to order a part(s) we normally get them factory direct or from an factory authorized distributor, average delivery time is 3-7 business days.  Sometimes a part will be placed on backorder and it could take up to 10-14 business days or the arrival date could be several months away, even on parts for newer models.  While extreme backorders are not the norm if your set is under warranty or covered by a extended service plan, they will normally issue an exchange.  Exchange policies vary with each manufacture or extended warranty.

My set is located upstairs or is mounted on or in a wall: Due to employee safety and liability reasons, we DO NOT transport units that are larger than 30 inches down any flight of stairs.  We also DO NOT remove any units that are mounted on a wall or that are in any type of custom cabinetry.  In cases such as these, the unit must be in a serviceable position before we arrive.  Please call if you have any question regarding this policy, we will make every reasonable effort to assist you. We can for additional fees remove and reinstall mounted televisions. Fees depend on type of mounting, removal starts at $125.00 to $275.00 this does not include reinstallation unless otherwise stated.

Home Theater System hookups/disconnects: Due to liability issues our pick up and delivery crew and/or technicians are instructed to disconnect and reconnect only the basic connections.  If you have an elaborate home theater system with multiple components that are connected to the set that needs servicing please let us know in advance and we will make every reasonable effort to assist you.
We can for additional fees do additional hookup and instructions starting at $95.00 to 245.00. Fees depends on type of hookup.

Will I get updates on the status of my repair?
  We generally, due to high inbound and outbound call volume, cannot keep everyone updated on the repair status; however, we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE our customers to feel free to call or stop by as often as they like to check on the repair status.  You can also provide an email address to receive updates. 

Are you having picture problems? Give us a call @ 254.526.3054






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